Made of super-rapid cobalt steel (HSS-E) , the A723 tip has a glossy surface with a bronze-colored finish, ensuring a high hardness so as to keep the cutting edge alive under extreme stress conditions. The particular geometry favors a safe centering, while the sharp peripheral corners cut the pasty material in the peripheral area of ​​the welding. The tips are characterized by a sturdy core to ensure greater resistance and safe penetration in difficult conditions. The reduced evacuation compartments also give stability in the manual execution of holes in thin sheets and panels.

The HSS for drilling thin sheets and panels are available in different standard diameters for the common sizes of rivets, screws and bolts. The A123 range features a 120 ° head angle and a reduced helix for easy penetration and rigidity in portable drill applications. The absence of the lower rake angle further increases stability during drilling and tip output, so we will have a higher quality hole. The narrowed core in the final part guarantees excellent self-centering properties , while the steam-hardened surface improves the yield considerably and reduces the possibility of sticking the cutting edge. A double-ended version (A119) is also available.